We're Simplifying the way to request A/V Services

Based on feedback MSIS received from our customers, we simplified the process of reserving A/V resources when scheduling conference or meeting rooms in Schedulon. The A/V request form in Schedulon now features six simple checkboxes. The A/V form now also appears for all resources listed in Schedulon so that you can request A/V Services as part of any reservation.  MSIS has also improved our workflow.  After you request A/V services, the Service Desk will contact you to work out your specific needs in detail.  As always, please try to make requests at least 24 hours in advance.

Here’s the simplified form:


If you're unsure, select consulting, and we'll work out the details with you.



Tony Markel
Service Manager
University of Michigan Medical School
MSIS Solutions Center
skype: tonymarkel

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