Authentication Changes in Zendesk

Starting December 10th, Zendesk will allow you to use your UMHS Level 2 password to log in by default.  As a result, we will be changing the front page a little bit by directing the default login button to Level 2.  This will simplify the login process by  relieving us from the dependency on Google/UMich/Shibboleth authentication.


There are exciting changes to come over the next few months, including:

  • Knowledge Base Integration
  • Chat
  • Phone
  • Much, much more!

Instructions for logging will be placed on the home page for Zendesk: and a follow up email will be sent the day prior to the change.

Thanks in advance for your cooperation, 

Tony Markel
Service Manager
University of Michigan Medical School
MSIS Solutions Center
skype: tonymarkel

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